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A very significant number of International Associations have promoted the creation of an international organization in ESG, the"International Association for Sustainable Economy" (IASE). In this context, the IASE’s role is more relevant than ever, being the first and only association worldwide that aspires to certify the entire population pyramid in terms of ESG with a global approach, and with three levels of certification.

The methodology will be based on 100% on-line training through accredited academic partners and all the certification processes are using cutting-edge technologies for efficient, flexible and constantly updated learning. "We strongly believe that a better, more egalitarian education based on ESG criteria will help to reduce social differences, facilitate the equalization of salaries and close the gender gap. The use of technology will help to scale up this process, making it sustainable and accessible to all on a global level. Democratize knowledge"

The IASE Association aims to be the main international certification body for all professionals in the field of ESG and thus promote the confidence of professionals and consumers in knowledge, skills, lifelong learning, behaviour and ethics.

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The path to become an IASE Designated Member

Training Courses
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Each brief includes a variety of resources to help companies build back better and recover stronger.